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Taking Action for a Greener Planet

 Scientists and Environmentalists alike agree that everyone must do their fair share to take care of our planet. This has never been more important that right now as temperatures rise and our lifestyles wreak more havoc than ever before. Luckily, there are changes we can all make to our daily lives to reduce the effects of global warming and the use of chemicals responsible for depleting the ozone layer.

You may have heard the term “green” before. But what does that really mean? Many people use it in reference to making a difference in being responsible about our use of the world’s resources, making sure we are not overusing them. If you want to make a difference, the best way to start is to follow the three basic pillars of “going green”:

Reduce: Cut your use of everything. This means less paper, less gas, less energy and less water. You could try riding your bike or driving a hybrid car, or even be something as small as turning the water off while you’re brushing your teeth.

Reuse: Find new uses for your old products. You could turn a pair of old jeans into a purse or use old flower pots to create a mosaic for a table or photo frame. You could even use newspapers for paper mache art with the kids!

Recycle: Take your used products like cans, plastics, paper and bottles and donate them to groups or organizations that turn them into new products. 

If you’re looking for a way to cut down on your waste, especially during the summer months when outdoor barbeques are en vogue, try using biodegradable dinnerware like Leafware. Our natural crockery easily decomposes without creating pollution or solid waste problems.  Just use and put them in the backyard compost or dispose them off as one would do with any other disposable product and they are returned to the Earth, with no carbon impact. It’s that easy!


5 Green Summer Activities for Kids

Looking for things to do with the little ones that don’t involve sitting in front of the TV now that the summer months are here? Children are the future of our world. Show them the importance of caring for the environment, recycling and appreciating every day luxuries with these 5 exciting and green activities:

Make a Compost Pile

According to the Clean Air Council, the average American generated about 4.5 pounds of trash every day – over 1600 pounds a year! 30% of the waste in landfills across the country is yard and food waste that could be used for composting and by making one with the kids, they get an up close and personal view of nature recycling itself in action. Such an activity will encourage them to think twice about wasting their uneaten veggies and sandwich crusts!

Plant a Garden

Looking for a sneaky way to get them their greens? Kids are more willing to eat their veggies if they’ve put the effort into tending them. It’s a wonderful way for them to see the process of how food is grown and how much work goes into it. Help your children choose plants/seeds of fruits and vegetables they like, while encouraging them to try something new like zucchini. You might be surprised what they food they will eat after laboring over it.

Have an Outdoor Picnic

With summer often come long strings of amazing weather. What better way to get out and enjoy it than to plan a picnic in the park. Have your kids pick out some of the veggies from that garden they’ve been helping with and pack your Leafware Dinnerware for an afternoon of food, laughs and sunshine. Best of all? You get to use that compost pile you’ve all been working on to recycle all the leftovers. Now that’s going green!

Recycled Arts & Crafts

Just about all recyclable waste can be made into something new; all you need are some things like Kleenex boxes, empty soft drink bottles, paper towel rolls, plastic cutlery, etc. and some craft supplies like glue, string and ribbon. You can turn empty baby food jars into jewelry holders, brown paper bags into puppets and old tin cans into wind chimes. The list is endless!

Go For a Hike

Many children spend most of their time indoors and most don’t make it a point to go outside unless it’s absolutely necessary. Encourage your kids to explore the wide world around them and connect with nature by taking a long, scenic walk with them. You could also try visiting a nature preserve in your area and encourage them to point out what plants and animals they don’t see at home. Spending time in the outdoors will really make them appreciate all the beauty the Earth has to offer. 

                                Five Benefits of Biodegradable Dinnerware

Summer is a great time for all sorts of outdoor activity. Whether you’re having a BBQ, a picnic or going to the beach, no season is better for experimenting with greener alternatives to Styrofoam and plastic. Biodegradable dinnerware not only averts your worry of carrying dishes to your event, but it’s also incredibly easy to dispose of, while keeping the environment green by reducing you and your family’s impact on nature. There are various benefits to using compostable dishes.
Here are a few:
1. Green Entertaining: Since biodegradable plates are 100% compostable, they are Earth-friendly and won’t leave behind any toxic chemicals. You might even be helping the soil, as these often release nutrients as they degrade.

2. Convenience: While you should be careful not to add too many plates at a time to your compost pile. Dinnerware can often be broken up and tossed in directly. Assuming you aren’t upsetting the balance of your waste, this can make cleaning up after your event a breeze!

3. Energy Efficient: Compostable plates require less energy and fossil fuels to be manufactured. It’s an easy way to reduce the carbon footprint you and your family are leaving behind since the materials are easily renewable.

4. They’re Chemical Free! Biodegradable dishes are free of chemical radicals and toxins and any bleaches or dyes that are used are completely safe and natural, as they are made from plant-bases.

5. Unbreakable: Perhaps one of the most important things for those who have small children, disposables are microwave safe and completely unbreakable, which makes them a great addition for kiddie parties and gatherings with several young ones.

There has never been a better reason to make the eco-friendly choice and switch to Leafware. We are driven to making our world greener and making it safe for our children for many generations to come. Our products are made from naturally shed leaves. The fallen leaves are carefully harvested, hygienically cleaned and pressed to various shapes to form plates, bowls and trays. Usage of fallen leaves eases the economic pressure to cut down trees and therefore preserving our planet’s true identity. Leafware products are sustainably produced and providing source of living for many families in small communities of South Asia.